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Das ist stattlich. Unterhaltsamen asiatischen GlГcksspielen, in der man im Moment verweilt!

Green Lantern Bösewicht

versucht eine Gruppe außerirdischer Krieger, die sogenannte "Green Lantern Corps", das Universum gegen den Bösewicht Parallax zu verteidigen. Der tapfere. In der Realfilmfassung vom "Green Lantern" gibts einen sinistren Bösewicht zu besetzen. „Ich war völlig begeistert, als ich Green Lantern endlich auf die große „Letztlich ist Hector ein Bösewicht, aber er hat ein sehr tragisches.

Green Lantern

Diese Kategorie beinhaltet die Bösewichte, die Gegenspieler des DC Comichelden Green Lantern sind und entweder in den Comics, Filmen, Serien oder. Aber auch andere Farben werden in Green Lantern ohne falsche für einen CGI​-Bösewicht ebenfalls mit einem sehr markantem Äußeren. „Ich war völlig begeistert, als ich Green Lantern endlich auf die große „Letztlich ist Hector ein Bösewicht, aber er hat ein sehr tragisches.

Green Lantern Bösewicht The Maltusians study the power of creation Video

Superman vs Green Lantern

She first appeared in Green Lantern Corps Main article: Turytt. She is discovered alive on the Manhunter homeworld of Biot and returned to her sector, albeit with a case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Using his ring he finds out what Lotto Staatlich. Adult Green Lantern muscle chest Fancy Dress Costume Mens Medium. £ + £ postage. Make offer - Adult Green Lantern muscle chest Fancy Dress Costume Mens Medium. WARNER BROTHER MOVIE WORLD DC COMICS GREEN LANTERN KIDS CAPE BNWT. £ + £ postage. Make offer - WARNER BROTHER MOVIE WORLD DC COMICS GREEN LANTERN KIDS CAPE BNWT. Green Lantern . Green Lantern was one of my favourite comic book characters as a kid but I just couldn't get into this; even the special effects were a bit naff. I can't really recommend. Chris Allen is a Technical Author and a crime writer specializing in unusual and well researched fiction with the following books available through Amazon: His latest novel: Parallel Lifetimes The Beam of Interest: Taken by /5(K). 14/06/ · Directed by Martin Campbell. With Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong. Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps/10(K).
Green Lantern Bösewicht Hal Jordan was introduced in Showcase 22 September—October During the battle, Green Lantern gave Vicker a power ring from one of the fallen Green Lanterns and appointed him a temporary Green Lantern. Company Credits. Thanks to a supreme effort of will, Jordan was able to free himself from Parallax, rejoin his soul to his body and reclaim his power ring. In the first part of the episode, he forgets Ungarn Blog real quote and makes up his own version:. Xax appears in several scenes in both animated films, First Flight and Emerald Knights. This came after it became apparent that members of the Green Lantern Corps began to suffer when their Power Rings ran out of charge. After Oa's return, Absinth 77 would eventually be resurrected. Main article: Kilowog. Main article: Guardians of the Universe. Hal kills Krona, releasing the entities from the Guardians. However one Dart Spielen Lernen who had been posing as John Stewart's love Fatality hence how the Durlans were always one step aheadsuccessfully becomes a Daxanite by Rob Yong the energy. They lack any will of their own, being controlled directly by the Guardians. Main article: Stel. Stewart fended off Ice London with residual energy he blasted from his body, which was in him due to Hal Jordan healing his crippling condition; however, this left him unable to walk again. Villain First appearance Description Vandal Savage: Green Lantern #10 (Winter, /44): Vandar Adg, an immortal Cro-Magnon altered by the rays of a fallen meteor, possibly in 50, B.C. Vandal Savage has manipulated human history behind the scenes for centuries, being a Pharaoh, helping to murder Caesar (though Pre-Crisis he was Caesar), committing murders as Jack the Ripper, and has been. Green Lantern 2 (): Rise of the Manhunters | Movie Concept Trailer [HD]_____ Note | All Footage Rights Reserved by. Exploding out of BLACKEST NIGHT comes the next exciting chapter in the Green Lantern mythos: “New Guardians”! Forced to band together during the rise of the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Saint Walker, Atrocitus, Indigo-1 and Larfleeze must agree to disagree if their next mission is to succeed. Directed by Martin Campbell. With Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong. Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps. Alan Scott's Green Lantern history originally began thousands of years ago when a mystical "green flame" meteor fell to Earth in ancient voice of the flame prophesied that it would act three times: once to bring death (a lamp-maker named Luke Fairclough crafted the green metal of the meteor into a lamp; in fear and as punishment for what they thought sacrilege, the local villagers.
Green Lantern Bösewicht

Green Lantern Bösewicht Sonderplatz gebГhrt hier Green Lantern Bösewicht вGeschichte der Kunstв Libertadores von. - Über die Produktion

Zunächst baute sie sich ein digitales, dreidimensionales Modell, von dem sie ausgehen konnte. Er nannte sich fortan Green Lantern und bekämpfte mit der JSA (Justice Society of America) die Nazis und andere Bösewichte des Golden Age der Superhelden​. Diese Kategorie beinhaltet die Bösewichte, die Gegenspieler des DC Comichelden Green Lantern sind und entweder in den Comics, Filmen, Serien oder. versucht eine Gruppe außerirdischer Krieger, die sogenannte "Green Lantern Corps", das Universum gegen den Bösewicht Parallax zu verteidigen. Der tapfere. „Ich war völlig begeistert, als ich Green Lantern endlich auf die große „Letztlich ist Hector ein Bösewicht, aber er hat ein sehr tragisches.
Green Lantern Bösewicht Aber nicht nur fremde Welten musste das Effekteteam erschaffen, sondern auch Tausende von Figuren aus fernen Galaxien, darunter Tomar-Re, Kilowog und die übrigen. Tavern Deutsch also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Die Energieladung reichte so lange, bis der Ring durch den Gebrauch Rayners einfach leer wurde. Kane von vorgestellt.

All subsequent appearances show him wearing a ring. Xax appears in several scenes in both animated films, First Flight and Emerald Knights. Zale of Bellatrix was Boodikka 's replacement on the Bellatrix Bombers, and the next of her kind judged worthy by the Guardians to wield a GL ring.

She first appeared in Green Lantern Corps As a rookie Lantern who kept ignoring her call to duty, Zale was brought under investigation by her former sister Boodikka, now an Alpha-Lantern.

After a lengthy confrontation, it was revealed that it was the Bombers who kept Zale from fulfilling her duties, by deceiving her into thinking she was needed with them.

The Guardians punished Zale by making her Boodikka's sector partner and removing her power battery, making her dependent on Boodikka for recharges.

Appearing in the animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in the segment "The First Lantern", a former scribe for the Guardians and one of the first four chosen Green Lanterns, when the Corps was formed.

He was the first to discover the natural ability of the green light to create constructs, as it is the manifestation of willpower.

Because of this he is considered the very first Green Lantern. And the knowledge of his discovery was passed down to every newly recruited Green Lantern during the ages until today.

Appearing in the animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in the segment "The First Lantern", a blue-skinned humanoid female alien, also one of the first four chosen Green Lanterns.

She died in battle against a massive army, as she hadn't discovered yet how to use the full power of her ring by means of her willpower.

In the film, she is the first Green Lantern to die in the line of duty. His version of the Lantern uniform is darker than others and includes a cowl and a black scalloped cape.

Appearing in the animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in the segment "The First Lantern", Wachet is a semi- translucent , planar alien, nominally female, who was one of the first four chosen as Green Lanterns, and the second to use the full power of her ring following Avra's discovery.

Appearing only in the Green Lantern live-action film, Ngila G'rnt is a native of the planet Inguanzo, and a recently recruited teenaged Green Lantern.

She is endowed with an extraordinary sense of hearing, natural to her race, and is named after the costume designer of the film, Ngila Dickson.

Appearing in the young adult graphic novel Green Lantern: Legacy , Tai Pham is the thirteen year-old grandson of Green Lantern Kim Tran who was selected by her power ring to become its successor.

John Stewart, a frequent ally to Tran, became a mentor to Pham. Her power ring chose her thirteen year-old grandson Tai Pham as its successor.

Appearing only in the animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights during the introduction sequence, she is a female Green Lantern who dies after being assaulted by Krona's shadow demons.

She is remembered by Ganthet as a brave and gallant Green Lantern. Able to create simple objects, translate languages, synthesize atmosphere, and empower flight, these rings enabled the youngsters to explore Oa in the hopes that their youthful ways of looking at the Mosaic and the other beings trapped there would help ease relations between the Earthlings and other races.

Having a moderate degree of success, the four helped where they could until the Mosaic was torn apart when dozens of space fleets appeared over Oa, each planet determined to bring their people home.

Presumably the four are back on Earth readjusting to a "normal" life. It is possible they still exist and can be recharged if given access to a Lantern.

Another Teen Lantern, unrelated to the others and out-of-continuity is Jordana Gardner, future descendant of Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, called in such way due to her early recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps of the alternate future detailed in Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century.

Young Justice vol. After being ambushed and murdered by Zilius Zox of the Red Lantern Corps , M'ten's ring returned to Oa, setting the events of the series in motion.

Shyir ultimately ended up sacrificing his life to save his home world from a massive bomb planted by the Red Lanterns, and was honored by his comrades.

Dulok had planned to join a band of Green Lanterns tasked with fighting off the Red Lantern Corps, but was murdered by Ragnar, the planet's crown prince.

After Dulok's death, his ring passed to Iolande, the young queen of Betrassus. Probert was a mercenary who met up with a few Lanterns and conversed with Guy Gardner at the scene of a huge spaceborne battle.

A few of the newer Lanterns pointed out that Probert had once been a Lantern and was described to Guy as having been "worse than you. A Green Lantern from an unnamed planet who leads a team of monstrous-appearing superheroes to Earth in pursuit of Sinestro 's duplicate power ring and battery.

Initially masquerading as a mysterious robed ghoul, he is a bald humanoid with chalk-white skin, and first appears in Super Friends 10, created by writer E.

Nelson Bridwell and artist Ramona Fradon. Still a member of the future JLU , he defeats a group of supervillains with McGinnis' help and pleads with McGinnis to stay with the team despite the Batman's growing animosity and disillusion upon the discovery of his true origins.

A two-issue story in the Batman Beyond comic reveals that Kai-Ro had been raised in a Buddhist monastery prior to receiving the ring. In this story he returns there to battle Black Light, a character with a black power ring, somewhat similar to Sinestro.

The story mentions that Kai-Ro's ring had no yellow weakness. The villains attempt to steal Flash's speed but Kid Flash loses his powers instead.

Green Lantern creates a temporary power ring for Wally to use, dubbing him Kid Lantern. In episode 9 "The Green Loontern" of the Duck Dodgers animated series, Duck Dodgers claims his laundry at the dry-cleaners, but mistakenly takes a Green Lantern uniform instead of his usual outfit.

This episode made use of discarded character concepts for a proposed Green Lantern Corps animated series.

The series would have focused on the adventures of Kyle Rayner with a slightly comical version of the Corps. The episode included the first animated versions of Guy Gardner , Ch'p , and Boodikka.

A Green Guardsman is featured on the Justice League animated series' season one two-part episode "Legends" as an homage to the original Alan Scott.

He appears as a Justice Guild of America member on an alternate Earth that had been devastated by nuclear war, but reconstructed as a vast mental illusion by a psychic, Ray Thompson.

To mirror the Golden Age Green Lantern ring's vulnerability to wood, the Green Guardsman's ring has no power over aluminum.

However, the Green Guardsman proves to be a loyal superhero of a bygone era, and willingly sacrifices himself to defend the Earth he protects.

Sonya Blade's ending in the video game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe depicts her becoming the Green Lantern of Earthrealm after finding the ring of an unnamed Corps member who died offscreen during the game's Story Mode.

Originally residing on Earth-Three , which was subsequently destroyed during the issue limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths , Power Ring along with the other Syndicators ended up being recreated in the Anti-Matter Universe's Earth.

Iron Lantern is a fictional character and an Amalgam Comics superhero , whose true debut was in Iron Lantern 1 June , though his first metafictional appearance in the Amalgam universe was in Showcase of Suspense 1.

Iron Lantern was created by writer Kurt Busiek. Iron Lantern's origin is revealed in Iron Lantern 1. Hal Stark is the millionaire owner of Stark Aviation.

While working on a prototype flight simulator, Stark is pulled to the site of a space ship by a beam of green energy.

The simulator crashes, badly injuring Stark. Stark is able to use parts of the spaceship to build a superpowered suit of armor powered by Sur's lantern to keep himself alive.

Stark then defeats the aliens responsible for Sur's death, and decides to fight evil as Iron Lantern. Doctor Spectrum is the name of five different fictional comic book characters in the Marvel Comics multiverse.

There have been five versions of the character to date — three supervillains from the mainstream Marvel Universe belonging to the team Squadron Sinister Earth and two heroes from different alternate universes.

The two heroes each belong to a version of the team Squadron Supreme the Squadron Supreme of Earth and the Squadron Supreme of Earth, respectively.

After long experimentation the Guardians equipped and loosely oversaw the Green Lantern Corps, over diverse beings from throughout the universe.

Each was granted a battery and a ring. Thinly scattered among uncounted trillions of stars, each was assigned a sector of space which was vaster than anyone can comprehend.

The sectors are shaped as four-sided pyramid-shaped sections of a sphere, with their point meeting at Oa, which is located at the center of the universe.

Oa is technically in each Lantern's sector, and while on Oa, the Lantern is still in his home sector. There are standard space sectors, plus three "special" sectors: 0 Oa itself , -1 Anti-matter universe , and proscribed sector of space populated by the Manhunters.

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Main article: Sojourner Mullein. Main article: Jade comics. Every moment she was with Stewart, she was trapped within herself.

She revealed that she never loved John Stewart and departed, leaving Stewart emotionally crushed.

Kyle Rayner was a struggling freelance artist when he was approached by the last Guardian of the Universe, Ganthet , to become a new Green Lantern with the last power ring.

Ganthet's reasons for choosing Rayner remained a secret for quite some time. Despite not being from the same cloth of bravery and fearlessness as Hal Jordan—or perhaps because of that—Rayner proved to be popular with readers and his fellow characters.

He briefly operated as Ion after using the power of the entire Green Lantern Corps. He was responsible for the rebirth of the Guardians and the re-ignition of the Central Power Battery, essentially restoring all that Jordan had destroyed as Parallax.

Kyle Rayner was chosen to wield the last ring because he knew fear, and Parallax had been released from the Central Power Battery.

Ganthet knew this and chose Kyle because his experiences dealing with fear enabled him to resist Parallax. Because Parallax is a manifestation of fear, and yellow, none of the other Green Lanterns, including Hal, could harm Parallax and, therefore, came under his control.

Kyle taught them to feel and overcome fear so they could defeat Parallax and incarcerate him in the Central Power Battery once again.

Kyle became Ion, who is later revealed to be the manifestation of willpower in the same way Parallax is fear. In Green Lantern vol.

Hal Jordan enters into Kyle's prison, and with his help, Kyle finally escapes Parallax. Ganthet asks Kyle to give up his right to be Ion and become a Green Lantern again.

Kyle accepts, and Ganthet gives Kyle a power ring. Kyle is outfitted with a new costume including a mask that looks like the one from his first uniform.

Kyle now shows up mostly as part of the ensemble cast of Green Lantern Corps. Corps rookie Sodam Yat took over the mantle of Ion.

Kyle is designated as Green Lantern The following issue, Kyle is brought back to life by the power of a Star Sapphire who connects Soranik Natu's heart to his heart.

He first appeared in The New 52! He was caught by the police street racing in a stolen car with an armed bomb in the back of the van.

While being questioned by authorities, Sinestro's Green Lantern ring chose Simon as its next ring bearer, recruiting him into the Green Lantern Corps.

The squirrel-like Lantern B'dg follows, becoming Baz's mentor and friend. The Justice League eventually tracks Baz down and questions him as to how he came into the possession of a Green Lantern ring.

Batman tries to disarm him by removing Simon's ring, but self-defense mechanisms of the ring prevent this.

First mentioned in Green Lantern 20 as the first female Green Lantern of Earth, Jessica Cruz is a young Latin American woman who was forced to become the unwilling host to the evil Ring of Volthoom after " Power Ring " dies in his alternate Earth universe.

Though she is not technically "Power Ring", as she is not a member of the Crime Syndicate and has no association with the organization, for namesake purposes she is dubbed "Power Ring" while the ring uses her as a host.

She is helped by the Justice League and Simon Baz, who help her understand her cursed powers. She then battles the previous wearers of the ring with the help of Cyborg, and forces her body in front of the Black Racer who, at the time, was controlling the Flash and kills Volthoom.

After the battle, whilst the League mourns her motionless body, a Green Lantern ring appears and Jessica is made the sixth Green Lantern of Earth, to everyone's surprise.

This turns out to be an exercise controlled by Hal Jordan , as he needs them to protect Earth whilst he goes on a mission to find the rest of the Corps.

He then fuses both their Lanterns into one, which can only be used when they are together. Hal also gives them membership into the Justice League to help with their training.

The daughter of Alan Scott, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden would discover she shared her father's mystical connection to the Starheart , which gave her the abilities of a Green Lantern.

Choosing to follow in her father's footsteps, she became the superheroine Jade. She would later fight a manifestation of the Starheart and lose those abilities.

When Jade was fighting an Okaaran monster, she was saved by an orange lantern named Cade and fell in love with him. When Rayner left Earth to restart the Green Lantern Corps, Jade donned the classic Green Lantern uniform and served as the planet's Green Lantern until losing the ring during a battle with the villain Fatality.

Later, when the ring was returned to her, she changed her Green Lantern uniform to a modified version of Rayner's. Jade continued to function as a Green Lantern until Rayner, as Ion, used his power to restore her connection to the Starheart.

Upon her death, Jade returned her Starheart power to Rayner. In the Blackest Night event, her remains have been reanimated as one of the Black Lantern Corps after receiving a black power ring.

Following the New 52 and DC Rebirth, she has been removed from continuity. This creates a major hole in Kyle Rayner's backstory as well, given how long they were together.

Sinestro was born on the planet Korugar and became Green Lantern of space sector He was a friend of Abin Sur and mentor to Hal Jordan.

His desire for order was an asset in the Corps, and initially led him to be considered one of the greatest Green Lanterns.

As the years passed, he became more and more fixated upon not simply protecting his sector, but on preserving order in the society of his home planet no matter what the cost.

Eventually, he concluded that the best way to accomplish this was to conquer Korugar and rule the planet as a dictator.

Exposed by Hal Jordan and punished, he later wielded a yellow ring of fear from Qward. In Scott Snyders Justice League it was revealed that Sinestro was searching for the entity, Umbrax, which is one of the seven hidden forces of the universe.

Umbrax represents the unseen emotions of the Ultraviolet Lantern Corps. Sinestro finally discovers this force and creates an army of Ultraviolet lanterns including John Stewart whom later gets freed.

For betraying them, the New Guardians leave Caul behind and he is forced to become part of a reality program called "The Hunted", stripped of his powers and with his discharged power ring embedded into his chest.

Caul stars as part of an ensemble cast of spacebound DC characters including the Blue Beetle and a new Captain K'rot in the "Hunted" main feature of Threshold.

Caul received his Green Lantern Ring after he shot and killed its previous bearer, unsure himself why he was then chosen.

Caul is able to save Sh'diki Borough on the planet Tolerance after it had been bottled by Brainiac. Caul is later informed that The Hunted has been canceled and offered the lead role on a new show, Team Cauldron, with the rest of his friends and Hunted competitors.

Caul agrees to the role, having his power ring re-embedded into his chest. He is granted a meeting with Lady Styx to finalize his new role.

However, as soon as Caul materializes at her base, he is killed by multiple gunshots, as planned by Colonel T'omas T'morra.

In a glimmernet commercial, it is shown that T'morra replaces Caul in the proposed new show. However Caul is shown alive later along with Captain K'rot in tow when the planet Telos manifests during the " Convergence " storyline, investigating it alongside Superman, Supergirl, Guy Gardner, and the Red Lanterns.

Is a rookie Green Lantern who must investigate the first murder committed in City Enduring for the last years.

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Rate This. Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps.

Director: Martin Campbell. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. The Evolution of Keanu Reeves. The Guardians overcame their android servants, stripped them of their power, and banished them across the universe.

Eventually, the surviving Manhunters formed their own robotic society and pursued their own interpretation of their original mission which often included interfering with and foiling the plans of the Guardians.

In the Martian Manhunter series, the Guardians first get the idea for an intergalactic police force from the Martians' own Manhunters.

They offer the Martian race the opportunity to be that force. The Martians turn it down, but the Guardians take the name for the androids.

In Geoff Johns ' storyline " Green Lantern: Secret Origin ", it is revealed that the Manhunters suffered from a malfunction in their logic that led them to believe that order could only be achieved by eliminating all life.

They rampaged through Sector , massacring trillions in the process. The only survivors banded together to form the Five Inversions, swearing revenge on the Guardians for the actions of their creations.

One of the five, Atrocitus , would later become the leader of the Red Lantern Corps. It was later discovered that the Manhunters had not suffered a flaw in their logic, as had previously been assumed, but that the renegade Guardian Krona had reprogrammed them in an attempt to show the other Guardians the necessity in embracing emotions.

Chastened by the failure of the Manhunters, the Guardians decided that their newest force of soldiers for good would consist of living beings, ones who had free will and strong moral character.

A brief first attempt was the Halla, who were given the energy guns and the power batteries of the Manhunters to serve them in their goal.

Soon the Guardians had decided to discontinue this organization, the last of their number being Kendotha Kr'nek who served three and a half to three billion years ago in the war against Apokolips.

To arm this new legion of celestial knights, the Guardians created the Power Rings , rings of inconceivably-advanced technology that allowed their wearers to project green beams of energy with which the bearer could conjure objects of any size or shape, limited only by their imagination and willpower.

The Guardians' failure to take appropriate action during the Crisis led to their decision to depart Oa in the company of their female counterparts, the Zamarons.

Left to their own devices, the Corps underwent a major reorganization. A team of Green Lanterns led by Hal Jordan was stationed on Earth, and the system of assigning one Green Lantern to a sector was temporarily abandoned.

The decision of the Corps to execute Sinestro resulted in the activation of a previously unknown fail-safe that depowered the rings of every Green Lantern except for Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner , Gnort , and Ch'p.

Ironically, Jordan himself would eventually be responsible for destroying the incarnation of the Corps that he had helped create. In that vast length of time, some Green Lanterns rebelled and turned against the Corps.

Two of the most important fallen Lanterns were Sinestro , the rogue Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan , who would unknowingly become possessed by Parallax , the ancient fear-parasite trapped in the Battery.

At the ruins of his home Coast City , Jordan was consumed by grief, which in turn allowed him to be overcome by fear—all the while not knowing that his fear was tainted by the creature Parallax.

This was planned by Sinestro while he was imprisoned in the Battery. The Corps' power source, the Central Power Battery, was drained by Jordan and destroyed, removing the original power source for the rings.

After the fall of the Corps, other organizations tried to fill in the power vacuum left by the Guardians. Two organizations had initial notable successes: the Darkstars and L.

However, neither ever achieved the power and reach of the Green Lantern Corps. When Kyle Rayner accidentally travelled through time to ten years in the past and met a young Hal Jordan, the Guardians were able to send Rayner back to his own time by using the power from the Central Battery after Jordan and Rayner defeated Sinestro together.

However, while doing so, Sinestro commanded his Qwardian ring to force Jordan to Rayner's time portal, in a bid to strand Jordan in Rayner's time period.

Upon learning his future as Parallax not knowing, however, that his future self's actions was the result of being possessed by a fear entity under the machination of Sinestro's future self and aware that the future needed him to return to his own time and allow future events to unravel in the way it was supposed to, young Jordan knew he must forget everything he learned from the present, and gave Rayner a copy of his ring to restart the Green Lantern Corps in a bid to undo some of the damages he knew he was going to make once he returned to the past.

Rayner then gave the ring to Jennifer-Lynn Hayden , daughter of the elder Green Lantern Alan Scott , whereupon she became the first female Green Lantern of Earth, following in her father's footsteps, after he made another copy with it.

In Green Lantern: The New Corps , during his weeks-long adventure in space, Rayner first recruited Magaan Van'n Intraktus of the planet Van'n, Hammeroon , a bounty hunter from Ilskado System, Anya Savenlovich , a lieutenant colonel from the Soviet Air Forces who was in suspended animation after she participated in a space mission in , Garl Rathbone , a miner from the debris belt over the planet Daffith, and Sool , a judge from Daffith.

However, the group later realized Van'n Intraktus was a traitor after they discovered that he enslaved his home planet with his ring and began invading other worlds.

The Green Lanterns eventually stopped the renegade after a battle, but at the cost of one of their own: Hammeroon. Rayner then realized that he couldn't be the only one to choose whom to wear the rings, and took all of the power rings back from the Green Lanterns until the time was right for the Corps' rebirth.

After erecting a memorial for Hammeroon, Rayner returned to Earth. The former Green Lanterns, despite being stripped of their rings, decided to continue their intergalactic adventures.

In an attempt to redeem himself after his actions as Parallax, Hal Jordan sacrificed his life reigniting the sun, whereupon Oa and the Central Power Battery were completely rebuilt by the physical manifestation of Jordan's dying will channeled through his old friend and confidant Thomas Kalmaku.

Shortly thereafter, Kyle Rayner , having been imbued with the vast power of Ion after his battle with Oblivion and Alexander Nero funneled the remaining energy left in the sun that was once the immortal Guardians back into the Central Power Battery.

This allowed them to be reborn as children of both genders. After Hayden regained her Starheart powers and becomes the superheroine Jade once more, Rayner gave the ring to John Stewart.

After Oa's return, Kilowog would eventually be resurrected. With everything apparently in place, Ganthet, Kilowog, Stewart, and Rayner made plans to rebuild the Corps once more.

It was later revealed that Hal Jordan had been possessed by the living embodiment of fear, an ancient parasite called Parallax. Parallax had been imprisoned within the Central Power Battery for billions of years and is the mysterious "Yellow Impurity" within the Corps' green light that leaves them vulnerable against yellow.

Hal Jordan, upon learning the truth about Parallax, separated himself from it and was reborn as a Green Lantern once again.

Upon Parallax's return to the Central Power Battery, the Guardians continued the re-construction and expansion of the Green Lantern Corps, strengthened with its power rings now able to directly affect yellow provided that a Lantern can face and conquer his or her fear.

This new Corps, under the training of Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and other veterans, was primarily composed of new recruits. Only a handful of veteran Lanterns remained in the ranks.

Each sector has two Lanterns assigned to protect it with Hal Jordan and John Stewart assigned as the protectors of Sector , Guy and Kyle acting as 'elite' members responsible for training.

Due to an ancient pact with the Spider Guild , the Vega star system is off limits to all members of the Corps. The new Green Lantern Corps presently lacks both the manpower and the political influence it once had due to its years-long absence from many sectors.

This has left the Corps currently unable to intervene in situations it might have before Parallax destroyed the old Corps, including conflicts such as the Rann-Thanagar War.

The Guardians remain staunchly uninvolved in what they see as a conflict that could destabilize many sectors, but that has not stopped Kyle Rayner and Kilowog from helping refugees.

Despite these difficulties, the Corps played a key role in defeating Superboy-Prime. Several Lanterns were killed slowing the renegade Superboy's advance on Oa, a sacrifice that enabled Earth's most powerful heroes to execute their plan to restrain him.

Mogo , a sentient planet and Corps member, positioned himself to act as a final battleground between Superboy-Prime and two Supermen.

Responsibility for imprisoning Superboy-Prime was undertaken by the Guardians who charged the Corps with its undertaking, incarcerating him inside a small red Sun-Eater with fifty Green Lanterns on constant guard duty.

As of the " One Year Later " timeframe, the Green Lantern Corps had increased its numbers, with many former trainees now full-fledged officers.

A lack of truly experienced lanterns remained an issue, with Guy Gardner being called upon often to assist the rookies. Parallax defeated them in space and after Parallax destroyed the Corps, they were assumed to be dead.

Instead, they were captured by the Manhunters and taken to Biot, the Manhunter homeworld in Sector They were used in various experiments to design and power new Manhunter models.

They were eventually found and rescued by the resurrected Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. They rejoined the Corps, albeit with some difficult adjustment.

Despite learning of Parallax's possession of Hal Jordan, many still blame him for their captivity and cluster to themselves when summoned to Oa.

Dubbed the " Sinestro Corps ", it recruited beings capable of generating great fear. One of the members recruited into the Sinestro Corps was Amon Sur , the son of former Green Lantern Abin Sur , who held a grudge against Hal Jordan for being chosen to bear his father's ring instead of him.

As the Sinestro Corps' campaign of terror spread, the Guardians, in desperation, rewrote the first Law of Ten in the Book of Oa , enabling the remaining Lanterns to use lethal force against members of the Sinestro Corps.

This law later expanded to include all adversaries of the Green Lanterns, though the law does not extend to cold-blooded killing of defenseless adversaries.

This distinction played a part in the expulsion of Laira from the Green Lantern Corps for killing Amon Sur when he was unarmed, her induction into the Red Lanterns, and subsequent death over the course of events during the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night storylines.

Hidden in the Book of Oa is the forbidden chapter of Cosmic Revelations, which contains a prophecy called the "Blackest Night".

In the prophecy, seven different colored corps are at war with each other, eventually destroying one another and the universe. Realizing that the "Blackest Night" prophecy will come to be, they create a blue ring powered by hope.

During the Blackest Night , the Guardians finally realize the accuracy of the prophecy and are imprisoned by Scar; a rogue Guardian who launches an attack on the Corps by reviving deceased members as Black Lanterns.

At the end of "Blackest Night", 12 heroes and villains were resurrected for some unknown purpose. The events of Brightest Day follow the exploits of these heroes and villains as they attempt to learn the secret behind their salvation.

It is revealed that the 12 resurrected must complete an individual assignment given to them by the White Lantern Entity. If they are successful, their life will be fully returned.

Boston Brand aka Deadman is made the first White Lantern picking up the White Lantern battery and is charged by the Life Entity to find a new champion who will bear the white light of life and take the Entity's place.

Hal Jordan, as well as the representatives of the other Lantern Corps attempt to prevent the capture of all the emotional entities which eventually leads to the Green Lantern Corps War.

Guy Gardner explores the unknown sectors and continues a secret pact with Ganthet and Atrocitus. As Guy leaves OA, Kilowog and Arisia join up to aid him in his search, as they put in motion a universe-saving plan against a new, hidden foe who meanwhile, pulls Sodam Yat out of Daxam's sun taking the Ion entity.

After the Blackest Night, Hal Jordan forms a loose alliance with Carol Ferris, Atrocitus, Sinestro, Larfleeze, Saint Walker and Indigo-1 to find and protect the emotional entities, who have been kidnapped by a mysterious villain.

The kidnapper is revealed to be Krona, who is also revealed to be the one who caused the Manhunters to go on a rampage in the first place. However, Hal escapes and takes their rings.

Krona begins the next stage of his plan, using the Guardians as the entities' hosts. He also places Parallax back into the Central Power Battery, restoring the yellow impurity and brainwashing all the Green Lanterns into serving him.

The other Lantern unaffected by the yellow impurity is Ganthet. Kilowog is captured by Krona, and his resistance to brainwashing overcome.

To prevent Krona from controlling them, the Earthmen take off their Green Lantern rings and put on the rings Hal rescued from the Book of the Black.

However, an ambush from the brainwashed Lanterns separates the group. Hal and Guy end up captured by the Guardians, while Kyle and John travel to Mogo with the intention of freeing it from Krona's control.

However, John and Kyle are attacked by Lanterns while they travel to Mogo's core. John harnesses the Black Lantern energy left in Mogo and uses it to destroy Mogo.

With the impurity removed, Hal, John, Kyle and Guy recover their Green Lantern rings and join the Corps in the final battle against Krona and the entity-possessed Guardians.

Also, Sinestro becomes a Green Lantern once again. Hal kills Krona, releasing the entities from the Guardians. However, the Guardians believe Hal to be the most dangerous Green Lantern, so they discharge him from the Corps.

The status of the Green Lantern Corps remained unchanged by the reboot applied in the Flashpoint series. As of , Sinestro is still an unwilling Green Lantern, Hal remains exiled although he has been forced to assist Sinestro's activities with a ring created and powered by Sinestro while Kyle has gone AWOL alongside six members of the other Lantern Corps.

John was recently forced to kill a Green Lantern who was about to give in to torture the access codes to the Oan defense network from the Keepers.

Guy remains the only main character with a stable position in the Corps. The Guardians currently consider the Green Lantern Corps a failure.

They are planning to replace it with a mysterious "Third Army", which will be led by the equally mysterious "First Lantern".

The Third Army consists of beings with no free will that are made out of the Guardians' bio-tissue. The First Lantern is a being who was imprisoned and kept under guard by the older Guardians because he was deemed too dangerous to leave free.

Sinestro gave Hal Jordan a temporary ring to help him out on missions, but the Guardians attacked them and both rings merged into a single, faulty one.

It mistakenly concluded that Sinestro and Jordan were dead, so it went in search of a new Lantern named Simon Baz.

B'dg of Sector says that some Green Lanterns have discovered the Guardians' true intentions. Meanwhile, Green Lantern Sentinel Guy Gardner is assisting a ship as a peace treaty with warring planets.

This is interrupted when he learns that his mortal enemy Xar is free. Unbeknownst to Guy, Xar was freed by the Guardians.

Guy takes half of the Lanterns with him away from the mission in order to keep his family safe, but they are met by members of the Third Army. Guy escapes, but only to be reprimanded and removed from the Corps.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern John Stewart is on a mission to gather all of the pieces of the deceased, sentient planet known as Mogo, in the hopes that Mogo can then restore himself.

This succeeds, and Mogo is reborn. The Guardians had planned on assimilating the reformed Mogo into the Third Army.

Mogo quickly defeated this division of the Third Army. The rest of the Green Lantern Corps discovered that the Guardians had turned against them, so the Corps join the New Guardians and Atrocitus' Manhunters to help them fight.

During the fight with the Third Army and the Guardians, the Guardians draw so much energy from Volthoom that he breaks free of containment. Volthoom says that everything the Guardians have created will be no more, and that the universe will be his once again.

When Volthoom is freed, [9] he teleports to the planet Maltus and imprisons the Guardians. While Volthoom is in a weakened state, he begins to drain the Lanterns and other present beings of their emotions, minds, and memories.

He intends to examine their lives in order to restore his emotional powers. When Rami discovers that Volthoom himself is the doom that will destroy Earth, he halts their work and dismantles the Travel Lantern, saving Earth but stranding Volthoom in his present dimension.

Enraged, Volthoom wreaks havoc across Maltus, ultimately destroying an entire populated world in a tantrum. As the Travel Lantern is rich in the energy of the Emotional Spectrum, Rami melts it down and recasts it into new tools that can harness power more safely.

Rami attempts to draw power only from the center of the Emotional Spectrum, where it is most stable. The rings eventually select their wearers, a motley assortment of soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers from the universe's earliest spacefaring civilizations, such as Mars, Krypton , and Tamaran.

Each has difficulty controlling their ring, and one is even completely torn apart by its power. Luckily, thanks to a pre-destination paradox, two Green Lanterns from the 21st century arrive to help train them, teaching them how to use their rings to fly and create hard-light constructs.

Contemporary Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz join their ancient predecessors to fight Volthoom, and though they are successful, only two of the original seven survive.

Rami considers the Green Lantern experiment a failure, and the idea is abandoned for centuries. With Krona in exile and Volthoom incarcerated, the Guardians of the Universe turn their attention towards maintaining peace and order across the vast cosmos.

They create a new stronghold on the planet Oa, situated in the center of the universe, and create an army of sentient, emotionless androids called the Manhunters to patrol worlds and enforce their brand of justice.

The Manhunters are autonomous and efficient, but cold and literal in their understanding and enforcement of law.

No life is up to their standard of order, causing the Manhunters to glitch and overreach their intended programming. They begin exterminating life instead of protecting it.

By the time the Guardians of the Universe can stop them, the population of the once-thriving Sector is reduced to a mere five individuals. Most of the Manhunters are destroyed, the rest go into hiding, and with few surviving to speak of it, the scale of the Guardians' failure passes into legend over the next few millennia.

The survivors become the Five Inversions, founders of the galaxies-spanning Empire of Tears and ancient enemies of the Guardians.

After the retirement of the Manhunters, the Guardians acknowledge that an arbiter of justice requires a heart and a conscience, and decide to revisit the Green Lantern experiment on a grander scale.

They build a giant central power battery on Oa to serve as a reservoir of green willpower energy from which their new army, the 3,strong Green Lantern Corps, can draw power into their rings.

Made up of all sorts of sentient life — humanoids, insectoids, robots, and even the living planet Mogo — the Green Lantern Corps successfully prevents chaos and assorted apocalypses from befalling the universe for billions of years.

The Green Lanterns operate autonomously within their sectors, but are subject to certain strict guidelines dictated by the Guardians, documented in their guiding document, the Book of Oa.

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